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press kit 

what is station blue?

Station Blue is an isolation horror Audio Drama Podcast that takes place in Antarctica. 

Matthew Leads spends the summer stuck alone in a a remote research station after accepting a questionable job from a U.S. Defense Corporation. There he deals with power outages and storms, regrets from his past, the sealed off second floor and the haunting presence of The Door. 

Station Blue explores themes of mental illness, love and isolation. It aims to use storytelling and atmosphere to build horror and suspense as opposed to jump scares and brutal imagery. 

It was created by Chad Ellis who pulled from his experiences with long distance backpacking, bipolar disorder and a weird, weird life.

seasons, Release schedule and downloads 

Station Blue is a 3 season story following Matthew Leads during his Summer in Antarctica.

Season One is 11 episodes long.

Season Two will release in 2019.

New Episodes release twice a month. 

You can download Station Blue at iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and any other major Podcast provider. 

recording and editing details 

Station Blue is recorded locally in Los Angeles. In a closet. 

Is is recorded on a Zoom H6. 

It is edited using Reaper's DAW. 

Most sound effects and samples come from Soundsnap.com 

The people responsible 

Chad Ellis is the creator. He writes, directs, edits and does all of the sound design for the show. He voices Matthew Leads.

Gretchen Schreiber is the producer. She reviews all of the scripts and makes sure Chad's writing isn't terrible. She keeps the show on schedule.  

Kristen McLaughlin (aka Auburn Mystique) is the voice of the credits. 

Kessi Riliniki made the cover art. Her artwork can be found on audio drama everywhere. She is probably a rabbit. 

Sage GC composed "Frigid Wind", our intro and outro music. He makes an excellent Actual Play podcast called "20 Sided Stories". 

Actors include David Michmerhuizen, Travis Reaves, Jay Speck, Sydney Gonzales, Matan Inbar-Hansen, Joe Sarte and Abigail Williams. If you would like them to perform in your show email us at StationBluePodcast@gmail.com with the details. 


Feel free to use the following cover art when talking about the show. 
Please don't sell things with it.
Credit goes to Kessi Riliniki

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