Episodes and transcripts



Episode 1: mcmurdo

Matthew Leads waits for the weather to clear at McMurdo Station, the US Antarctic base. His new friends, Beanie and Glasses tell him stories about the 6 month night, the hammer attack and the imposing Mt. Erebus. Matthews handler at the Flower Company looks for him.

episode 2: Thirsty

The Flower Company flies Matthew out to Station Blue and informs him that he will be alone for the next six weeks. The power is out, he doesn't know the time or day and a storm is raging outside. He begins to explore The Station.

episode 3: Insecure  


Matthew receives emails from Gina, the voice of the Flower Company. He struggles with loneliness and insecurity as he tries to connect with her. The storm finally clears.


episode 4: rin

Matthew finds a journal left from a previous inhabitant of Station Blue. 
A plane appears above.  

Episode 5:

Transcript Coming, please email StationBluePodcast@gmail.com if you need one in the meantime.
Matthew gets stuck in the elevator.
Content Warning: Those with mental illness advised to check episode description for details.

episode 6:

Matthew makes alterations to the Station in the aftermath of the elevator.

episode 7:
Sarah Part 1

episode 8:
Sarah part 2

Matthew is snowed in to the garage. He talks about Sarah. 

episode 9:

Matthew makes a decision.